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But giving them the benefit of the doubt, it has become clear that black friendship has little effect on white racism: A white Boston police officer said this in an email about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr, a black Harvard professor: If anything the black-best-friend argument shows that the speaker does not know much about racism and is blind to it.

I used to think that whites who marry black or live in black neighbourhoods were not all that racist. While they do tend to have less stereotyped views of blacks, they still hold onto their sense of whiteness and the racist views used to defend it.

(this information is based on actual historical records of the cargoes of slave ships and census data taken from plantations, in case you were curious.

The European slavers kept thorough records, how else could you figure out how much money you were going to make on your cargo?

But I don’t find that absolute figure of 1 million at all surprising.

It makes total sense.” Blanchard claims that the estimate is reasonable, but that it is essentially made up, invented, created, and not really discovered.

Anyways according to this article here, and also here Davis found, using some new methods which he apparently invented, that between 1 and 1.25 million Europeans were enslaved from about 1500-1800, give or take 50 years.The various articles, and Davis himself, explains that the over 1 million number was arrived at through guesswork based on assumptions. The real problem is that Davis does not know something, and so he uses bad history, bad science, and bad logic.This is a form of the fallacy known as the appeal to ignorance, and it also involves the fallacy of suppressing evidence (though in this case we are suppressing the lack of evidence).However the pirates remained free to enslave Africans as much as they liked.It is also telling that during the time of the Barbary Pirates the slave trade in the Americas resulted in approximately 10-12 million Africans being enslaved.

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