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I can easily manage most firewalls and routers that have a GUI but Vyatta presented a new challenge to me.In the case of this system, for some tasks it’s a lot easier to use the command line interface (CLI).So to address the local traffic, we are ‘reject’ing all from source address could also set the destination to the IP address of the NIC.This, along with the documentation, should be enough to get you off the ground in getting your firewalls set up.Vyatta is a very powerful, enterprise ready product that can and should be used to secure your network if you can’t afford or don’t want to afford the likes of Cisco.You can configure rules as you need them to allow traffic from one place to the other.

🙂 Vyatta can be run in a virtual machine, can be downloaded as a VMware Workstation virtual appliance and then imported into ESX, can run directly on a multitude of hardware, and can even run directly from CD, without installing on a hard drive (though this configuration obviously does not allow you to save changes that you make in the router software.) Make sure to check out Vyatta’s documentation. The file you’re looking for in particular for firewall stuff is: Vyatta_Security Ref_VC5_v03

We want the client subnet to be able to reach both the lab and the production server subnet.

In addition, we want a specific IP address to be able to manage Vyatta from the client subnet, but no others.

It’s best to configure all of your rules using a text editor so that you can easily edit and modify rules and implement them all at once.

As well as being able to have a handy backup of your router’s configuration.

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