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He was also the acknowledged “prince of astronomers” due to the unprecedented accuracy of his vast collection of astronomical observations. When Brahe lost his nose in a college-years duel, he did better than our modern fashion of piercing noses.He had a complete replacement nose molded of gold with silver. Brahe invited the expelled Kepler to Prague to collaborate in study of the solar system, which at the time was still poorly understood.Josephus martialed Jewish forces to defend against an enemy that soon grew to the proportions of a tidal wave.

But try as he might, he could not force the mathematics of circular orbits to align with what he saw in the sky each night.

But Kepler was working from a flawed understanding of first century history, and that threw him off the track.

So the first piece of the Star puzzle is that, thanks to Kepler, we now have the ability to locate celestial objects with great precision at any point in history and from any viewing point. The great majority of ancient chronographers held that Christ was born in 3 or 2 BC See, Jack Finegan, The Handbook of Biblical Chronology (Revised Edition; Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson Publishers, 1998) ISBN 1-56563-143-9.

When most of the terrible work was done, “they then chose ten men by lot out of them to slay all the rest; every one of whom laid himself down by his wife and children on the ground, and threw his arms about them, and they offered their necks to the stroke of those who by lot executed that melancholy office... with the great force of his hand ran his sword entirely through himself, and fell down dead near to his own relations.

So these people died with this intention, that they would not leave so much as one soul among them all alive to be subject to the Romans.”"(7).

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