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(We’ve also talked about what color tights to wear with a navy skirt, and rounded up some great navy suits for interviewing.) I’m curious to hear what the readers think, but this has always been my rules of thumb: All shades of blue go well with black — so long as you don’t look like you got dressed in the dark.

This is really the trick — the closer the blue is to black, the more you have to wear it with intention.

During the early 1900's frequent attempts by Congress to create a National Naval Reserve Failed.

In 1914 however, Congress passed the Naval Militia Act which placed the State organizations under the supervision of the Navy Department.

So how do you wear a dark blue and black — with intention?

Navy proposal to organize a national Naval Reserve Force went before Congress.

I scored a dark blue (navy ish) pinstripe pant suit, but then realised that pant suits don’t really suit me.

Which shades of blue go well with a solid black skirt?

In addition, the donation of a hydroplane, by patriotic citizens, marked the beginning of the Naval Reserve Aviation Program.

During the next 34 years, the New York Naval Militia (Naval volunteers/Navy and Marine Corps Reserves) were Federally mobilized for both World Wars (100%) and the Korean conflict (75%).

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