Edward and bella dating

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(biological father; deceased) Elizabeth Masen (biological mother; deceased) Carlisle Cullen (adoptive father) Esme Cullen (adoptive mother) Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale (adoptive brothers) Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale (adoptive sisters) Charlie Swan (father-in-law) Renée Dwyer (mother-in-law) Edward Cullen (né Edward Anthony Masen) is a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

He is featured in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and their corresponding film adaptations, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun—a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective.

Edward is a telepathic vampire who, over the course of the series, falls in love with, marries, and has a child with Bella Swan, a human teenager who later chooses to become a vampire as well.

Edward fights a growing attraction to Bella, but after saving her life on several occasions, he succumbs and eventually falls in love with her.During Bella's painful transformation, Jacob imprints on their baby daughter, Renesmee.After a vampire named Irina mistakes Renesmee for an immortal vampire child—a creation forbidden in the vampire world—the Volturi arrive to destroy the Cullens.the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her." She chose the name "Edward" because she thought it was "a name that had once been considered romantic, but had fallen out of popularity for decades".A recurring theme in the series, especially in the first three books, is that Edward is constantly trying to avoid accidentally harming Bella, due to his vampire nature.

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