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We took the computer to the police and they uncovered thousands of child porn images including ones depicting my father abusing me. Upon learning this, my father fled and for about a year we had no idea where he was.During that year, my parents and I appeared on the show America’s Most Wanted in an effort to track down my father.While she was still a student, local photographer Wally Lewis hired her for newspaper and catalog ads.A chance meeting with a representative of Wilhelmina Models led to her signing with their California office and modeling assignments for Maybelline cosmetics.My Chauffeur was widely publicised, but connected only modestly with teen audiences and critics.The New York Times reviewer Lawrence Van Gelder wrote "Miss Foreman, who with discipline and far better script might become an engaging comedienne, is mired here in a character who at one moment is delivering a lecture on proper treatment of women and at the next is smirking".Foreman was born in California, the daughter of Lynette and Clyde Foreman, a Marine Corps pilot. When she was thirteen, her parents enrolled her at the Barbizon School of Modeling in Houston to help her overcome shyness, where she received a trophy after completing the courses.

She is perhaps best known for her starring role in the 1983 movie Valley Girl, as "Julie Richman" acting opposite Nicolas Cage as "Randy".

My parents have been such a great support to me through all of this.

Many people do not have good support systems in their life and I hope this website will be able to help them gain that.

My father had told me so many times that if I ever told, he would go to jail and people would think I was a terrible person. My mom and stepdad went to the authorities immediately and my father was informed of the things he’d been accused of.

A few months later we discovered remnants of some deleted videos with sexual titles on my computer that my father had built using his old hard drive.

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