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The Matures' formative experiences of the Great Depression and World War II differed wildly from the Boomers, who watched the Civil Rights Movement and enjoyed the Sexual Revolution.The "latch-key" Gen Xers came of age in the wake of Watergate and Iran-Contra, while Millennials received boundless praise from their parents but later had their world rattled by 9/11.

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The Matures want deference, the Boomers ease, Gen Xers authenticity, and Millennials just want it now.Matures and Boomers won't mind hearing your standard pitch, but Gen Xers and Millennials will be running for the door.In order to sell to any age group, you've got to learn how to be likable across the generational divide.Pick up higher-wattage light bulbs to give yourself more options for lighting. Buy a lamp dimmer and give yourself the ultimate lighting control!Plug the dimmer into the two lights pointing at your subject, and you can easily adjust the amount of light hitting your talent.

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