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District patrol the streets around Kensington Avenue, the heart of the city's heroin crisis.Since the city closed down the heroin encampment in the railroad gulch on Gurney Street this summer, other encampments have sprouted under railroad bridges, on street corners, and in vacant lots."All I want to know is if you are OK, Buddy." By Sunday, Christian was gone, too.Approximately 86 percent of Philadelphia’s 800 opioid-related drug deaths from January through September of this year were residents of the city.

His apartment in a trailer park, and the chair and the space heater that by the end were all that was left inside it. In the car, driving him home from prison the day after Halloween, Danielle was optimistic, Christian was realistic.He worried he wasn't ready, but she promised him help anyway, as she always did.She turned up the radio, loud — they liked it that way. She took him to see his toddler sons and filmed them playing in the November leaves."If we can avoid going up to 1,500 deaths," Sam Gulino, the city medical examiner, said earlier this year, "that will be a victory in itself." A painting of Christian Cozzone, 24, is displayed at his memorial service in December.Cozzone died of a heroin overdose in November, and his sister Brittany who had always been proud to show him her art, painted his portrait for the service.

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