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The failure of the officer to submit materials within the 5-day period specified in this subsection and in subsection (1) does not affect the department’s ability to consider any evidence submitted at or prior to the hearing.

The officer may also submit a copy of the crash report and a copy of a video recording of the field sobriety test or the attempt to administer such test.

The department must, within 7 working days after a formal review hearing, send notice to the person of the hearing officer’s decision as to whether sufficient cause exists to sustain, amend, or invalidate the suspension.

In a formal review hearing under subsection (6) or an informal review hearing under subsection (4), the hearing officer shall determine by a preponderance of the evidence whether sufficient cause exists to sustain, amend, or invalidate the suspension.

Such notice must be mailed to the person at the last known address shown on the department’s records, or to the address provided in the law enforcement officer’s report if such address differs from the address of record, within 21 days after the expiration of the temporary permit issued pursuant to subsection (1) or subsection (3).

If the person whose license was suspended requests a formal review, the department must schedule a hearing within 30 days after such request is received by the department and must notify the person of the date, time, and place of the hearing.

Such permit may not be issued to a person who sought and obtained a continuance of the hearing. The permit issued under this subsection shall authorize driving for business or employment use only. A person whose driver license is suspended under subsection (1) or subsection (3) may apply for issuance of a license for business or employment purposes only if the person is otherwise eligible for the driving privilege pursuant to s. If the suspension of the driver license of the person for failure to submit to a breath, urine, or blood test is sustained, the person is not eligible to receive a license for business or employment purposes only, pursuant to s. The party requesting the presence of a witness shall be responsible for the payment of any witness fees and for notifying in writing the state attorney’s office in the appropriate circuit of the issuance of the subpoena.If the person who requests a formal review hearing fails to appear and the hearing officer finds such failure to be without just cause, the right to a formal hearing is waived and the suspension shall be sustained.

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