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Across all entries the figures were 57% social media and 53% television.The full shortlist can be found below, and viewed on the Prize website, com/asiaprize.It's very likely that the sandwich is worth than to you.If it was worth more than , you'd rather keep the sandwich, so you wouldn't be selling it. Now suppose I have and decide to buy a sandwich from you.When they both choose to trade, the world is better off.When either chooses not to trade, there's no harm done.

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Swallowing a huge wad of gum or swallowing many small pieces of gum in a short time can cause a blockage within the digestive system - most often in children, who have a smaller-diameter digestive tract than adults - but this is extremely rare.

It's that time of year when lots of people are giving to various charities, and I've been thinking about, if I decided to give, how I would decide.

My mental economic model for businesses is that businesses engage in trade.

It’s quite true about the saying – There’s no second chance at making a good first impression.

Advertisement, regardless online or offline, if they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered failed.

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