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Gossiping: 'My dad claims that he had no idea, which I think is false,' she revealed that 'I specifically remember bringing it up, but then again my dad lives in Vegas, we talk here and there but we're also not incredibly close.'She's confided that: 'He was a little taken aback. "'Saying: It was so funny and I totally thought he knew and for a second I felt bad,' she conceded that 'I think any father, all of a sudden seeing their daughter in Playboy and having no idea would kind of be taken aback.'She's recalled: 'I called him and talked to him about it, I think he saw the pictures and I was like: "Dad, I wouldn't have done it if it was nude.

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At the end of the 2017 season, among all active players he was first in career on-base percentage (.428), second in OPS (.969), and third in batting average (.313).

The beautiful blonde from Florida is the daughter of former major league baseball Jose Canseco. “I’m so over people asking, ‘Are you related to the baseball player? She appeared on a family-therapy reality show called .

While shows such as that are known to bring out the worst in people, Josie handled the experience well and never gave into the chaos.

Her father is the erstwhile-steroid-using ex-baseball player Jose Canseco, and Josie's mother is Jose's second ex-wife, the onetime Playboy cover girl Jessica Canseco.

Scroll down for video Oscar-winning movie star Jamie Foxx and Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson co-hosted the fête being held in honor the eyewear brand's new shop.

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