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Babies both human and animal are created up in the stratosphere, by the clouds themselves.

He became known as a severe womaniser (but managed to maintain a long term relationship with girlfriend Kathy Self) and towards the end of shooting the '80s television series of the same name, demanded more and more pay for his role.

Nick Nack is man of few words but an able gofer for Scaramanga.

Despite his unusual proportions Nick Nack blends ably into a crowd and no attention is given to him as he performs both important and menial tasks.

Broccoli attempted to make contact with him to cast him as the henchman in Roger Moore's '74 outing "The Man With The Golden Gun".

This film flung Herve into stardom as the memorable if comic Nick Nack and on the back of this, Villechaize won a recurring role in 1977 TV movies (and later TV series) "Fantasy Island".

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