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There were about twenty participants, give or take, on either side of the room (we were split 8-grade-dance style). We were given three minutes with each participant, and then the boys got to switch chairs. Afterwards, as I recovered in the press room (two hours was a long time to be speed dating! Mc Guire about women going to the event in provocative cosplay.I have to say, the hardest part was introducing myself as #20 and not being to give much more information than that. Most participants were very kind and open, genuinely looking for someone special. He asked me if I believed any of them to be “ringers” or women purposefully placed at the event by TLC.Similarly, Glitch says his girlfriend is impressed by his one-liners and his wit — but they don’t blow her away.The Han and Leia love affair is reminder, Glitch says, to just be yourself in relationships. Glitch has dated “normal” (his word) women before, but they haven’t always been enthusiastic about his “” obsession.Or would discussing the history of the event and organization (apparently it's featured on TLC's "Geek Love") make for a more appropriate introduction to the world of Sci-Fi Speed Dating as I experienced it at Awesome Con 2015?But then, as I perused the articles written by previous participants (all women, interestingly enough; are dudes too embarrassed to admit that they've done this, or is Google just not coming through for me?However, what interests me in this ad isn’t the idea that geeks should date geeks.Although in reality, geeks, like anyone, should simply be with the person they love, period. What strikes me with this ad is that it presents the geeks as two not so socially competent people with a not-so-great fashion sense.

And my family is pretty awesome: we all went to the Video Games live concert together.

In episode one of Geeks Love on TLC, geeks participate in a speed dating activity at New York Comiccon.

Some people interviewed during the episode expressed various reasons why dating a geek is better.

Should I begin by setting the scene with a dramatic description of one of my more memorable encounters from the event?

I have to describe the logistics of the event at some point -- should I open the article with those?

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