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To facilitate this, you will be mentored 1-on-1 by a highly successful personal trainer who will guide you through your studies.Our mentors meet stringent selection criteria, so you know that you will walk away from your training knowing that you have gained the very best practical knowledge and skills to confidently pursue a career in the fitness industry.SATS place increased demand on students and are not to be taken lightly.Employers are showing increased interest in the arrangements as a means of obtaining better trained employees, with the majority of SATs rolling over into full time employment on completion of their Year 12 studies.Excelling in the fitness industry will be easy thanks to our internally developed personal training modules.This content has been developed by highly successful fitness business owners and is well and truly in-line with industry best practice.Our personal trainer courses deliver real-world skills to prepare you for a lasting career in the fitness industry.

Depending on which course you choose, you will receive a selection of fitness certifications specifically suited to certain career paths and skill sets within the fitness industry.We also ensure you receive hands on, real world experience.Gaining a wide range of practical skills is an important aspect of our courses.As an RTO (Registered Training Organisation), it has also expanded the courses we’re able to offer our students.The Trade Training Centre offers a flexible schooling experience for Year 10-12 students wanting to pursue a career in a vocational field.

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