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Gift some hand-made cookies or place a coupon holder that has been made by you.Let your love read out the messages in each coupon to know how the days ahead with you will turn out to be more lovely and romantic.With 2 dollars as budget to spend on Valentine's Day, it is unlikely that you can arrange a big party for your love, but you can still impress your partner with beautiful house decorations.Gather all the decorative items that have been lying unused for days at your place and put it to your best use to adorn the home.Carry on a romantic conversation as you relish the homemade coffee.

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Lay down a beautifully decorated table and catch up with your love over hot cups of coffee.While going out for a romantic dinner or gifting chocolates and flowers may be traditional Valentines Day ideas, there's always scope for doing something new.To make the occasion even more special, here are a bunch of Valentine's Day tips that can make your plan an instant hit with your beloved.Present your Valentine with a scrapbook with pictures of the special times that both of you have shared together.Prepare the morning tea when your Valentine wakes up and present a bunch of flowers to start the day on a celebratory note.

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