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The simplist and the one that gives my users the least heartburn is to just tell them in the lable text: Lable Text For Field (max10): [(un)Bound Control Here] then to either just nail it with inputbox as in Post #4 or some variation upon the theme such as Post#22 usually in the afterupdate event.If it's too long, simply return the previous value.(Note though, if changing a field within that field's change event, one must be wary of creating an infinite loop).However, you do make a good point that the code I posted would not handle deleting characters when the maximum length had been reached. :-) Seems to me, the simplest thing would be to just chop off the last character, something like the proposal in message #22.The solution is certainly not to play around with adding a backspace character, but could be handled by allowing the Del or Backspace characters through regardless of the limit. I really don't like the idea of playing around with keypress, as it interferes too much with normal operation of the field.

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