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And the guys you're talking about being in trouble should have been responsible enough to ask and find out just how old these girls really were. He told her to leave him alone and so she was probably pissed and left and went and told her mommy he did something when he didn't. This is all a bunch of bull crap towards Jeremy, and now because of the lies he can't join the army nor have a normal life again.How wrong of these young girls to do this to such good people like jeremy.maybe you should do your homework and follow up since you are so smart. Own my own home, never did drugs, never stole, I have raised my children without utilities getting shut off or begging others to help. Gee, maybe I should take it as a compliment that I am in everyones thoughts as making money off something that you all give away so freely to every Tom, Dick and harry and their brother and his friends. Half the time they dont know what they are even pleading guilty to.People that know me know i could care less about men especially men around here. I talked to Jeremy this past weekend and this so called little girl was at a friend of his house with lots of people there.They all seen what went on and from what I understand she was coming on to him and when he wouldn't give in then she went home and told her mom that he did something to her cause she got pissed off that he wouldn't!

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When their parents find out they are having sex the girls get scared and blame it all on the guy.everyone be alert there is another sexual predator in name is jeremy upole and he is 29 years old and has been molesting young girls.So parents keep a watch on your lives on 6 th also hangs out at The Bottoms Up bar.does not host any video video content itself; users provide the links, categorize them and upload them to the site.The content numbers are showing above 2000 TV-shows , 22 000 movies and keep on growing.

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